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Brennan, Mary (12th Aug 2009) 

"A Triumph Of Creativity That Will Get Right Under Your Skin"

For The Herald



Gardner, Lyn (13th Aug 2009)


For The Guardian



Taylor, Paul (18th Jan 2010)

“Nic Green’s Trilogy, Battersea Arts Centre, London”

For The Independant



Trennery, David (Feb 4th 2010)

“Nic Green’s Trilogy at The Barbican” 

For ArtsHub



Trueman, Matt (Aug 17th 2009)

“Review: Trilogy, The Arches @ St Stephens” 



Kirkwood, Elizabeth (17th Aug 2009)

“Edinburgh Festival 2009: Trilogy-Review” 

For The Telegraph



Savage, Joanne (Oct 27th, 2010)

“DANCE REVIEW: Trilogy -A defiant feminist response to a culture of body hatred” 

For Culture Northern Ireland



Fisher, Phillip (2010)


For British Theatre Guide



Orr, Jack (27th Jan 2010)

“Review: Trilogy” 

For A Younger Theatre



Roberts, Alexander (22nd Jan 2010)


For Total Theatre



(Aug 2009) Trilogy:

"Feminism in 'Relevant Again' Shocker"

For The List



Smith, Sam (Jan 1st 2010)

“Trilogy @BAC, London” 

For MusicOMH 



Fisher, Mark (Aug 16th 2009)

”Theatre reviews: Internal | Barflies | The Hotel | Luck | Nic Green's Trilogy | Blondes | The School For Scandal” 

For Edinburgh Festival



McFadden, Grania (Oct 23rd 2010)

“Review, Trilogy, Waterfront Studio Belfast” 

For Belfast Telegraph



Pascal, Julia, (Jan 2010)


For London Grip



Elizabeth Pearson  (May 15th 2010)

“Mayfest 2010 Trilogy” 

For Theatre Bristol



“Trilogy, by Nic Green”

For Something Dark Magazine.



Hitching, Henry (Jan14th 2010)

‘Trilogy leaves it’s Audience Exhaustedly Elated” 

For The Telegraph



Katsake, Eirini (Jan 24th 2010)

Trilogy: An Intimate and Truthful Herstory” 

For Remote Goat

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