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A c a d e m i c  W r i t i n g

Journal Article


Shevtsova, Maria (2010) “Bite At The Barbican” New Theatre Quarterly, 07/2010; 26(03):293 - 296 


"Eroticism is not what emanates from the hundreds of naked women coming out like a phalanx from the wings of the barbican stage..."




(ed) Heddon, Dee & Klein, Jennie (2012)

Histories and Practices of Live Art

Chapter 7 (Heddon, Dee) "The Politics of Live Art" pp175-205 Palgrave Mcmillan


"A wiser, critical humanism, practiced with the benefit of hindsight, intended to reignite our faith in the potential of art to be critical and unpredicatably political, leading us beyond the all too cynical politics of post-modernism but without ignoring it's insights. Green's is a wholly sincere engagement with the necessity and possibility of living better lives, even if the terms of that 'better' remain always to be contested, deferred, never to be decided."






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